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[ Light-art Wasser auf die Mühlen ]
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Click for a large scale view of  - Light-art Wasser auf die Mühlen -
Click for a large scale view of  - Light-art Wasser auf die Mühlen -
Original / Unicate
Light-art Wasser auf die Mühlen
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Description of "Light-art Wasser auf die Mühlen"

Ah, water to the mill! (= grist to the mill)… Finally something different.

Half abstract and half realistic.” Says the visitor laughing when he enters into the room and notices immediately the many millwheels.

“Yes, you guessed correctly, this is the title of the artwork. I also didn’t think, that there are so many different mill wheels.”

When in the late afternoon the flow of the water became illuminated and behind the mill wheels little by little single LED-lights shine indirectly against the painting, the visitor says: ”This is Light-Art. Really something new. Very interesting. And how the color of the underlying painting is reflected. Fascinating!”

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