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[ Light-art Caribbean Beach ]
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Click for a large scale view of  - Light-art Caribbean Beach -
Click for a large scale view of  - Light-art Caribbean Beach -
Original / Unicate
Light-art Caribbean Beach
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Description of "Light-art Caribbean Beach"

Here is first a contemporary painting, made in Picchio’s segment-art and painted with pallet knife and acrylic paint.
But then, there are these elements of glass fiber, reinforced with epoxy resin in distance of 5 to 7 cm from the canvas. These have a form of umbrellas - as if you would look from the sky to a beach in the Caribbean.
Under these umbrellas are LED lights fixed and controlled through a
light-processor with lights, smoothly fading in and out. They reflect the color from the painting. Two artworks in one: a contemporary artwork and light-art.

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