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  How can make reproduction files for art prints?
    Repro files for art prints self-made

The creative has the possibility to upload art work which exist in digital form (e.g. photography) directly.

Reproduction files for art prints self-made:

Negatives,dias or art work (paintings) serve as model for art prints

Options to create repro files for art prints:

1. Digital photography -  upload digital  image files as TIF or JPEG to nuarts

 2.  Analogous photography  - Scan and save negatives, dias for art print (create repro scann) as TIF or JPEG image file and upload it to nuarts

 3. Repro photography  - take picture of the PAINTING, scan the negative and save it as TIF or JPEG image file and upload it to nuarts

You´ll find more information about this topic after your login on our help site

"Create repro photography" or "Create repro scann"

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