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What is an original graphic?  |  Manufacture & print technique |  Print material | 
What is an original graphic?  
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What is an original graphic?

  • limited editions - number of copies
  • unique art work with numbering
  • autographed by the artist

Manufacture & print technique zum Seitenanfang
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Manufacture & print technique for original graphic

Every art work is something special because of the way of manufacturing and print technique.

The artist uses old print techniques such as etching, lithography, etc. to express his vision in combination with the right technique.

nuarts kunstgrafiken  
  Print material zum Seitenanfang
nuarts kunstgrafiken  
Fineart Drucktechnologie
Original graphics printed on hand-made paper
Print material

For printing original graphics, you most often used finest, hand-made paper.

Exquisite original graphics =
a combination of artistic vision + individual print technique
+ finest print material e.g. hand-made paper

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