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nuarts accessoires für modernes wohnen

Add your desired article to the shopping cart. To order push the cart button. Follow the orders, you will now beasked to create an account or login with an already existing.

Create an account or login with your account in the shop, this is necessary for the system to assign your voucher to you.

After the creation of your account or your login, normally, the shopping cart is shown. Now, you have the possibilitiy to enter the voucher code in the upper orange field above your articles and redeem your voucher. The subscribed amount or rebate will be offset with your order. If the value of the voucher is smaller than the value of your order you must state your preferred mode of payment for the rest. If your voucher´s credit exceeds the order value, you can use it for your next order.

You have received a voucher by E-mail.
If you received a voucher by E-mail you can credeit the amount as followed:
1. Click on the E-mail link given. If you do not have a personal customern account, here is your chance!
2. After adding a product to the shopping cart, you can enter your voucher code.

How to send vouchers
To send a voucher, please click the link "send voucher" in your shopping cart. We need the your data as followed to send a voucher: The pre- and last name of the recipiant. A valid E-mail adress of the recipiant The desired amount ( you can also send partial amounts of your balance.) A short message to the recipiant. Please check the information before sending it. You can correct the information anytime before sending your informations.

Buy vouchers
If vouchers are offered in the shop, they can be bought like any normale article. As soon as you have bought a voucher and it is cleared after successfull payment, the amount is shown below your shopping cart. You can now sent the desired amount with the link "Send voucher" per E-mail.

In case of problems:
If there are problems with your voucher please send us an E-mail to :  Please describe your problem accurately, important informations are among others: your customer name, the voucher code, error message of the system and the browser you use.

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